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The Thing with Kids

I know i'm pretty suck with almost everything, including with kids. So last evening, my neighbor's kids who are around 6 to 8 years old came with two tupperwares in the youngest one's hands.

I was sleeping at the living room when they shouted salam outside. Then i took a peek at the door and just told them to come in. Because it'll take time for me to get any scarf to cover my head and went outside. He handed me the tupperwares and stood like pools at the doorstep. I bid thanks to them but why won't they just leave after that? My inner thought saying, "What they want now? Shoo la." Right then my brain started to think of stuff.

1. Does their mom told them to take the tupperwares back? Because that what my mom always do.
2. Does they want to meet my lil brother? But he's fast asleep right now.
3. Ah- or does my bed-face got them a big shock?

They looked at me with puppy eyes, so how can i just tell them to go? So then i ran to my mom and asked what to do with those kids. She said let them in as always. AS ALWAYS? I've never seen them  in the house before tho. So i ran back to the door and asked them whether they want to come in or not. But then they shook their heads and just left. Dumbfounded.

Well, it's totally an awkward moment. That's why i hate dislike kids.

You know what, things should be like this : JUST IMAGINATION
Kids : Semekom! Semekom! *well kids nowadays love shortform a loooooooot*
Me : *take a peek at the door* Waalaikumsalam~ Ha bukak lah pagar tu. Masuk ja.
Kids : *run towards me* Akak, ni haa- mama ada kasi makanan.
Me : *take it* Ah- cakap kat mama terima kasih, ek! *smile*
Kids : *turn around and waving* Okay, bye kak. 
Me : *waving* Bye!

See! It should be like that. But because of lack in conversation, things get awkward. Ugh.

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Blue Sky Tag By Masayume

Hey! I was tagged!

I would like to thank Masayume for the tag. I will answer all of those 11 questions, but I'm going to ignore the other two rules. MUAHAHAHA! Yosh, let's start :

What's your favourite thing to collect?
I don't collect things because i share a tiny bedroom with my sister, and she got masya'Allah, so many things for her collections. So that's why.

Craziest thing you've ever done?
Being a bully to an abnormal boy who sat next to me in the class when i was 10 years old. He pissed me off every time. Well, i had beat him up with a belt, knocked his head few times and lost my anger on him sometimes. He was my punching bag. Pity him. I think i have to apologize to him but i lost contact with him since i moved to another place when i was 11. Even Facebook can't help me finding him. Nobody expect for me to be this evil before. Kah. Look how innocent i am now.

Thinking. As long as i don't grow any white hair yet.

Reaksi anda bila barang anda hilang?
I lost my spectacles while on the road (i guess) recently. My reaction? Rebel. 

Tempat yang paling anda ingin pergi?
The most peaceful and isolated place : my bedroom. 

Kerjaya yang anda idamkan?
Cartoonist. I love drawing cartoons since then. But as i grow up, money comes first on my mind. Does it worth a lot of money by being a cartoonist? Something like that. Well, you need money to be happy. That's the reality.

Kenangan paling manis?
Childhood life. Precious moments ever.

Apa yang anda inginkan untuk hadiah birthday anda?
A shoujo-like boyfriend for a day. HAHAHA. For once, please. Desperate. HAHAHA.

Buy new phone with my own money. I'm fed up with my current phone ugh. Before that, of course i have to get a job, huh.

Who is your idol?
For entertainment, BTS. They won Billboard's Top Social Artist Awards recently, and that makes they are more recognized. These boys are totally going to fly high with their beautiful wings. Haa-

Your favourite quote?
I have my own quote, "Pop it!". It can define many things for me.

So, that's it! Thank you.

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